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Develop your driver skills into championship form

The Nine Racing, Inc. team is now positioned to be able to offer for the first time a true Driver Development and Racing Services Program that provides the young, talented, driver candidate an opportunity to fully develop driver skills into championship form.

We will fully train and develop the young talented driver to be able to succeed and win championships, and be prepared to go to the next level in racing and win. With experts Rusty Kunz and Dave Steele directing the efforts for the dirt and pavement programs, coupled with the resources of Nine Racing, Inc., there is tremendous potential and opportunity for drivers to achieve at the highest level in the competitive USAC National Midget Series for the 2010 acing season.

Not only will there be the total team effort provided by the Nine Racing team toward the on-track effort, but the Nine Racing team will provide driver marketing support and assistance to help expand the press relations and public relations efforts, as well.


The Approach for the 2010 Racing Season

The United States Auto Club National Midget Series 2010 Season will consist of an estimated 28 racing events of which there will be 10 pavement races and 18 dirt races.

It is highly recommended to obtain maximum performance and racing results for the pavement races to schedule pavement test sessions at each pavement track prior to the race. These test sessions will give the drivers the opportunity to work with the team and Dave Steele in a “test atmosphere” where fine-tuning can occur and driver confidence can build. As a result of the comprehensive test sessions both driver and team will then be poised and ready to go for the win at each pavement race.

Rusty Kunz will direct the dirt racing program from both the car set-up and driver coaching perspectives so the dirt effort will be equally strong. Like Dave Steele, Rusty will be a “hands on” manager and will oversee the preparation effort at the shop and make all the calls at the dirt racing events.

Dave Steele will manage the pavement pretest and pre-race set-up and the at-track racing program.

A total of 38 racing events are scheduled that include dirt, pavement and pavement tests for a single car program. It is highly likely that a second driver will be added for a pavement only schedule and that would add another 20 racing events to the schedule for a grand total of 52 racing events.


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